24 | 01 | 2019

VEKA Group: ‘BOAL Extrusion is a reliable partner with high quality products and service’ 

As the largest manufacturer of cost effective, energy efficient window, door and curtain walling systems in the UK, we need an aluminium extrusion partner that we can always rely on. BOAL has given us the quality, service and peace of mind that we need for more than 15 years now!

1 to 1 contact and clear communication
Having a dedicated account person simplifies the communication process and helps solve any issues that could arise quickly and easily. The attentive approach that BOAL have also plays a major part in creating the great personal service which I have come to expect from them.

‘BOAL Extrusion are dependable, flexible and very professional’ 

In our sector I need a partner who is not just dependable, but also very flexible. BOAL’S commitment to excellence and customer service is second to none and makes sure that they always meet my high levels of expectation.

Professional organisation
BOAL are a very professional organisation. Working with them is straight forward and rewarding, whether I’m dealing with their sales team, account managers or their excellent after sales service. 

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De Hondert Margen 12
2678 AC De Lier
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 174 527 200
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