13 | 04 | 2017

Improvement program BOAL example for other companies

The organisational improvement program implemented at BOAL Extrusion serves as a model for the masterclass “How to activate your target audience” during the Event 17 professional trade show taking place at Utrecht Jaarbeurs. In 2016 BOAL Extrusion started an improvement program to make the entire organisation optimally customer driven, with shared values.

Everybody thinks and acts together
BOAL Extrusion’s approach was to actively involve all employees at different moments and with different activities. One of the activities involved cooperation with Aaaaaha! The Factory in order to give the employees an extra boost to express their feelings and their improvement ideas.

The sessions were so successful that Aaaaaha! The Factory decided to present this approach as an example during the masterclass to be held during the Event 17 fair where more than 7.000 professionals from the Event industry will come to broaden their knowledge and to gain inspiration.


During the masterclass Ms Jolanda van der Stel, Human Resources Director at BOAL Extrusion, will give an explanation of the approach for the BOAL improvement program for and by employees.

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