Grand Opening of BOAL Extrusion's New Billet Oven: A Leap Towards Sustainable Excellence

We are thrilled to share a significant milestone in BOAL Extrusion UK's journey towards a more sustainable future. On the bright morning of Wednesday, 24th January, we celebrated the grand opening of our new billet oven, marking a significant stride in our commitment to environmental stewardship and operational efficiency. This event, accompanied by a enjoyable breakfast gathering, underscored our dedication to sustainable growth and technological advancement.

26 | 01 | 2024

Extruding aluminium profiles in the UK for over 35 Years

Ever since the opening in 1990 BOAL has been at the forefront of the aluminium extrusion industry in the UK, specialising in the design, extrusion, and finishing of aluminium profiles. Our products serve a wide array of sectors, from high-tech greenhouse construction and building systems to the manufacturing of ladders, access products, and fastening solutions for solar panels. This new billet oven represents not just an investment in our future but a reaffirmation of our commitment to sustainability and excellence.

A Testament to Our Sustainability Mission

Our efforts in sustainability have been recognised globally, as part of the wider BOAL Group based in Rotterdam, BOAL Extrusion’s plant in the UK has played a significant role in the Group achieving the prestigious position as being the highest-ranked Dutch company for ESG ratings according to Morningstar Sustainalytics, and 33rd globally. The introduction of our new billet oven, a £1.4 million investment and the largest for the BOAL plant in over two decades, exemplifies our dedication to environmental responsibility. Transitioning to a gas oven, this state-of-the-art equipment is projected to save 40% more gas annually and reduce CO2 emissions. by 310 tonnes

A Holistic Approach to Environmental Excellence

Our commitment goes beyond equipment modernisation. In alignment with our ESG strategy, we are partnering with billet suppliers providing low carbon raw materials utilizing lower energy intensive smelting and incorporating a high content of post-consumer scrap. This initiative is part of our broader strategy to enhance operational sustainability and the well-being of our dedicated team.

Celebrating 18 Months of Preparation

The enclosed video highlights the meticulous 18 months of preparatory work and 5 weeks of installation efforts that culminated in this significant investment. It's a celebration not just of a new piece of equipment, but of BOAL's holistic approach to improving our operational sustainability and the impact on our team's well-being.

Our Ongoing Commitment to a Sustainable Future

Following our transition to relying entirely on renewable electricity last May, this new billet oven investment represents another critical step towards reducing our carbon footprint, enhancing our environmental performance, and positively impacting our operating staff.

We are proud to deliver on our ESG ambitions and look forward to paving the way for a more sustainable and successful future. Join us in celebrating this achievement and our ongoing journey towards excellence by watching the video.