BOAL Extrusion

Experts in aluminium profiles

At BOAL Extrusion you will find more than 50 years of expertise in extrusion of aluminium profiles. With our experienced staff and modern production equipment we will make sure that you have the best aluminium profiles for your end products.

Flexibility by bundled forces
BOAL Extrusion features production locations in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom with a total capacity of 40.000 tonnes. The profiles we extrude come in the range of 7" to 9". By joining of forces between the production locations we can quickly make switches to you serve you professionally.

100% satisfaction guaranteed
Only when you are satisfied, we will be satisfied. Everyone within the BOAL organization is dedicated to deliver the best possible performance in your interest as a customer. Our pro-active attitude and our way of open and fair dealing have proven to be a solid basis for long-term relationships.

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De Hondert Margen 12
2678 AC De Lier
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 174 527 200
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