Shepshed, April 2023. BOAL Extrusion UK, a leading supplier of sustainably extruded aluminium profiles, has marked the achievement of 100 consecutive days without time-loss injuries at its production facility in Shepshed by planting 100 trees in collaboration with Co-Treetment, a local organization focused on reforestation.

06 | 04 | 2023

The safety of all personnel is a key priority for BOAL Extrusion UK, and reaching this milestone is a reason to celebrate. "There is no negotiating on safety at our facility. It is actually our key priority, and an essential part of our ESG-strategy. ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance, meaning that in everything we do, we check whether our actions comply with the high standards in these areas we’ve committed to", explains Emma Swann, Finance Director of the UK-branch.

BOAL Extrusion UK has committed to planting additional trees for every next 100 injury-free days, with the goal of creating a BOAL forest that will benefit the local community and of course to help ensure that the extrusion plant remains a safe place to work.

David Shepherd, Production Manager at BOAL, said, "The trees were planted less than 5 miles from our factory, so it is a really local initiative. We have committed to this cause and will, for the foreseeable future, plant additional trees for every next 100 injury-free days. That would not only be good for the near community, it would also mean that our plant is and stays a safe place to work. At this moment we are in fact already over 150 consecutive injury-free days. I can't wait to get those next 100 trees planted!"

About BOAL Extrusion

BOAL Extrusion UK is part of the BOAL Group, which has its origin in The Netherlands. The extrusion facility serves the Loughborough region with sustainably extruded aluminium profiles, and with an ambitious ESG-strategy at the core of the business, BOAL Group constantly works to reduce both its own CO2 impact and that in the supply chain. The organization's efforts to minimize energy consumption and reuse resources are vital to the ESG ambitions of BOAL and its customers. Scrap material from production is recycled and reused, thereby minimizing CO2 emissions and energy use.

BOAL Extrusion UK's commitment to safety and sustainability is evident in its actions. With the planting of 100 trees, the company has demonstrated its dedication to creating a safer workplace and contributing to the local environment. 100 trees will absorb 50 tons of CO2 during the first 20 years of their lifetime.