30 | 01 | 2019

Cartwright Group: ‘BOAL Extrusion is our UK based aluminium extrusion partner of choice!’ 

Being one of the UK’s top trailer, commercial vehicle body and conversion manufacturers means we have to be committed to creating products that meet the most demanding of standards. That’s why I choose to work with BOAL Extrusion.

The ideal partner close by
Having a UK based extrusion partner like BOAL Extrusion is a big plus for me. Working with them means far shorter lead times than when using a company abroad. It also gives me the security of delivery reliability and a guarantee of high quality products.

BOAL Extrusion give me the quality, commitment and service I need from a professional extrusion partner!’

BOAL Extrusion are more than just a supplier. They are my dedicated UK partner I can really count on. With their extreme flexibility and reactive approach, BOAL Extrusion are a really good fit for us.

Strong management and Personal service
BOAL Extrusion have strong management who are committed to excellence and a very personal service. This makes them the perfect partner for our aluminium extrusion projects. I can rest assured if there are issues, they’ll solve them fast and efficiently.

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De Hondert Margen 12
2678 AC De Lier
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 174 527 200
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